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Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 8 just $14.99

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By admin, May 21, 2012

Microsoft’s usual plan is to offer a free upgrade to users of older versions of Windows to bump up to the next release version. This time around there will be a cost, according to sources.

Those who shell out for a Windows 7 PC in the coming months will receive a discounted upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $14.99, according to sources speaking to Paul Thurrott.

The deal could start as early as the first week in June at around the same time as the company gears up for its final preview of the next version of Windows. Read more »

Windows 8, Office 2012 Getting Metro UI?

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By admin, March 16, 2011

Microsoft’s “Aero Lite” interface for Windows 8 will supposedly feature elements from its Metro UI used in Media Center, WP7.

ZoomBack in December, a rumor surfaced in regards to Windows 8 and the existence of two separate interfaces. These will reportedly coexist in the same way Basic and Aero currently reside in Windows 7.

For Windows 8, one interface codenamed “Wind” will be fully 3D, requiring around 170 MB of dedicated video memory. It will also be “fully dynamic” by adapting to the user’s habits. This includes the ability to speed up daily tasks by changing shortcuts and icons to fit within different usage scenarios. “Wind” will reside in all copies of Windows 8, but remain inactive within the 32-bit environment.

The last two days have now brought information and images regarding the second (Mosh?) interface which will ultimately replace the current Windows 7 Basic. Dubbed as “Aero Lite,” the new UI will supposedly borrow various flat transportation-like arrows and fonts offered in Microsoft’s Metro UI, the same style set used in Microsoft’s Media Center, Windows Phone 7 and the newly revised Microsoft Store. And like Windows 7 Basic, this simplified UI will be geared for low-end machines that can’t run Windows 8′s rumored 3D “Wind” interface. Read more »

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