Microsoft Office 15 for Windows 8 Comes With SkyDrive, Full-Screen Mode, Touch

By admin, March 18, 2012

Paul Thurrott, from Windows IT Pro magazine, had access to the technical preview of Microsoft Office 15, Microsoft’s latest iteration of Office, and highlighted its most important features.

The build was distributed a couple of weeks ago to a select number of Microsoft employees, which ultimately signed a non-disclosure agreement, and comes as a pre-beta version.

WinSuperSite reports the software suite will come with a friendlier layout than previous versions, full-screen experience peppered with Metro-style elements, a split view on the first load and also, a new Design tab for Microsoft Word.

This tab is used to configure document themes, watermarks and colours for page and borders. Another interesting thing underlined is that Ribbon is minimized by default, letting users take advantage of a bigger working area, and can be brought into full-state just like in Windows Explorer in Windows 8.

Touch-mode can also be activated using a single button, just like past leaks hinted, allowing the software to be used on portable devices like tablets.

Integration with Microsoft’s online ID service is present and can be experienced using services like Windows Live Photo Gallery. SkyDrive is now featured as the first option when choosing where to save a document, letting the user back-up items on the cloud and continue working as if they were on a local drive.

A public beta of Microsoft Office 2012 is expected this summer while the software should release later this year.

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