Office 2010 Starter Edition Free Download

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By admin, November 28, 2011

Lots of great alternatives to Microsoft’s deluxe Office suite have emerged over the past few years, but if you find yourself only occasionally in need of a tool to edit Word or Excel files, the hefty $159 price tag for the full home and student edition can be a bit hard to justify. Google Docs or even Microsoft’s own online versions of office can help in a pinch, but nothing quite matches the native experience you get from running the desktop app. If the above scenario describes you, click here to download a copy of Office 2010 Starter Edition for absolutely free. Read more »

Microsoft to release Office 2012 Beta in January

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By admin, November 24, 2011

 Microsoft’s next-gen productivity suite, codenamed Office 15, may be getting a beta release in January of 2012. Citing sources familiar with the situation, WinRumors says that the software giant is preparing a milestone for the full beta to be available in late January. A Technology Preview version of the software will likely be distributed alongside the Windows 8 beta at CES 2012. Read more »

Samsung Windows 8 Tablet Coming in Second Half of 2012

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By admin, November 16, 2011

Microsoft hasn’t announced a Windows 8 release date yet, but Samsung is already talking about its plans to launch a Windows 8 tablet in the second half of 2012.

Uhm Kyu Ho, head of sales and marketing for Samsung’s PC business, revealed the company’s Windows 8 plans to Bloomberg in an interview. The product, he said, will probably be a modified version of Samsung’s Series 7 slate, which runs Windows 7. Read more »

Windows 8, Office 15: Get used to Metro, it’ll be everywhere

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By admin, November 2, 2011

From Windows to Office, cloud and server applications, and maybe a Metro-inspired dance remix on YouTube, Microsoft’s next-generation user interface will be everywhere by Windows 8’s launch.

Windows Phone-inspired, the Start ’screen’ will replace the traditional Start menu, and will be the front-facing end of the next-generation operating system, Windows 8.

Pinching the user interface from existing Windows Phone 7 devices, in which the thin fonts and the application tiles reign free from the rest of the desktop, evolutionarily speaking it is truly a feat of ingenious for the mobile space. Read more »

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