Microsoft: ‘We can hand over Office 365 data without your permission’

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By admin, June 28, 2011

Hidden within a whitepaper, detailing the security features in the upcoming Office 365 suite, it reveals links to the Trust Center; a treasure trove of data protection policies and legalities of how Microsoft will handle your data in its cloud datacenters.

Next week, Microsoft will announce the launch of Office 365 in both New York and London, where ZDNet will have correspondents at both events.

In light of the Patriot Act furore, customers of cloud services are naturally becoming more aware of the limitations to cloud security and privacy; with legalities and powerful acts of law taking precedent. Read more »

Microsoft Rumors: Windows 8 to RTM in April 2012

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By admin, June 28, 2011

It’s been a while since I blogged about another of my (not so) crazy Microsoft rumors. It’s also been a while since I’ve heard any kind of an update on Windows 8 timing. In that spirit — here’s the latest, plus the ground rules for those weighing how believable this information may or may not be.

As part of my job as a full-time Microsoft watcher, I get a lot of tips about Microsoft from customers, competitors, partners and even some Softies themselves. However, ever since I worked for PCWeek as a reporter close to 20 years ago, I had it drilled into my head that until I could get three independent sources — none of whom was repeating something s/he heard in an echo chamber — to corroborate a tip, I couldn’t run it as a story.

These days, I see lots of single-sourced tips being posted by bloggers and journalists. More than a few of these are based on a single, anonymous source, with no further identification to help readers decide whether a tip is likely to be true or not. No “according to a Microsoft partner who requested anonymity.” No “so says a small-business customer angry over the latest slip-up, who asked not to be identified.” Not even a thinly veiled “according to a person who was not authorized to speak for Company X” (but did so anyway). Read more »

Google hits out at Office 365 the day before Microsoft’s launch

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By admin, June 28, 2011

June 28 is the launch of Microsoft’s Office 365, its Google Apps competitor and successor to Microsoft’s own Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) hosted app suite.

The day before Microsoft’s official unveiling (and general availability kick off) for Office 365, Google went on the offensive with a blog post entitled “365 reasons to consider Google Apps.”

The Google Enterprise post actually lists four areas where Google officials are touting their edge over Office 365. The four include Google’s focus with Apps on team communication; its multi-client support; its pricing simplicity; and its reliability. Read more »

Office 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Beta Debuts by the End of 2010

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By admin, June 28, 2011

Over half a year after it wrapped up the development process for Office 2010 RTM, Microsoft is ready to move on and start work on the first major upgrade for the productivity suite.

According to the Redmond company, the Beta testing program for Office 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is planned for debut by the end of 2010.

Invitations have already been sent out to a select pool of Beta testers that are close to the software giant. Read more »

Heads up: Microsoft Office 365 event at 7 a.m. Tuesday

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By admin, June 28, 2011

Microsoft is making news about Office 365 at 7 a.m. today. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer is hosting an event in New York at Skylight Studios.

I will be covering it from the Microsoft Commons in Redmond, where I will be watching the webcast with Kurt DelBene, president of Microsoft’s Business division, which develops Office.

You can watch the live webcast here.

Office 365 is a new cloud service from Microsoft that rolls together Office Web apps, Exchange email, unified communication software Lync, collaboration software SharePoint all delivered as a monthly subscription of $6 per user. For a higher price, businesses can also get the full version of Office 2010. The service will compete with Google Apps, which costs $5 per user per month. Read more »

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